3 Benefits of Having a Business Owner and Real Estate Agent as a Lender When Looking for Financing


SAN ANTONIO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2021 / If you’ve been in business for a while or just starting out, financing can be a tricky subject. Loans, credit, and interest can become confusing, especially as a self-employed person. Options can really open up a world of endless opportunities if you have a multi-faceted lender to help you out.

Learning to manage your credit as a business owner is crucial. Yet, many are unaware that they need a strategy to use to help them run their business in order to optimize their capabilities on a personal level. Running a business presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to credit. Most businesses rely on owner’s personal credit to fund projects that strain an individual’s personal abilities.

When looking for a mortgage to buy a home for yourself, a real estate investment, or business financing, it is ideal to work with someone who has experience in these 3 areas. You need someone who understands the dilemma business owners face with business and personal credit, and how it affects obtaining financing. A winning “Trifecta” is what you need to meet your business and personal real estate and business finance needs.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are 3 benefits of having a lender, real estate agent and entrepreneur all-in-one by your side:

Knows the process and can relate to everyone involved

Having an all-in-one lender, real estate agent, and business owner will bring mutual understanding. Not only will the professional you work with understand how the real estate industry works, but they will also know how the business works and know which loans are best suited for your situation based on your business structure.

May find better solutions that traditional lenders wouldn’t

There is a unique knowledge that comes with the three antecedents. The connections they have create more options than just knowing a way to do it. Entrepreneurs are resourceful and seek solutions “outside the box”. Realtors® have knowledge of the current market that typical lenders won’t have and the lender has the connections to get the job done. The combination of all of this creates the ability to find solutions to get around obstacles when it comes to your personal and business credit.

I’ll never see you as a number

The best part about hiring a professional with a business owner mentality is that they will never see you as a simple customer. They have been in your shoes and they know the obstacles you will face. This gives them more reason to help you avoid the obstacles they have faced.

Buy your dream home with Transitions Business and home loans

Transitions Business and Real Estate Lending specializes in finding solutions for businesses and investors for the financing of real estate projects, business start-ups and expansion financing. The CEO, Janna Valencia, is a licensed mortgage originator and is an active Texas real estate agent.

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As a business owner with a real estate license and lender, Janna knows the ups and downs of commercial and mortgage financing. Transitions Business and Real Estate Lending offer personalized services that are in your best interests as a business owner or self-employed person.

Valencia has established itself as a real estate agent, lender and business owner – a rare combination. His expertise allows him to help business owners navigate their self-employment status and obtain mortgage approvals. In addition, it can also help business owners get options they didn’t know existed, helping them grow and be more successful.

Janna is a practicing loan and real estate agent and successful business owner at Transitions Business and Real Estate Lending, a San Antonio, Texas-based real estate and business lending company.

If you are a business owner or self-employed and would like help buying a home or obtaining financing, contact Transitions Business and Real Estate Lending.

Company name: Transitions Business Lending
Contact person: Janna Valencia
Phone number: 210-802-8009, Direct: 210-850-7568
Website link: http://www.transitionsbusinesslending.com/

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