Bitcoin fanatics fuel GPU shortages for gamers • The Register

Nvidia and AMD have reported that they are trying to disengage from the blockchain market, preferring to sell to gamers instead.

Cryptocurrency miners have been a blessing and a curse for GPU makers. Businesses initially embraced the demand created by miners, but later became concerned that this was causing GPU shortages, making it difficult to project revenue.

Nvidia has even gone so far as to create crippled products to prevent cryptomining at the kind of speed fools want, in order to reserve capacity for gamers.

That strategy is still in play, and in the last quarter released by the company – the third quarter of 2022 – the company revealed that the miners contributed $ 105 million in revenue despite the company’s choice to crimp the supply. .

“In the third quarter, almost all of our Ampere architecture gaming desktop GPU shipments were at a lightweight hash rate to help guide gamer sourcing of GeForce,” said Colette Kress, CFO of Nvidia, according to a transcript posted on The Motley Fool financial website.


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AMD CEO Lisa Su last month said mining-related revenues were “negligible” in the third quarter.

“That’s not a segment that we serve. We’ve tried a lot to keep our game graphics focused on gamers. And we’ve been able to increase some of the graphics offering, and that’s one of the reasons where we’ve seen the sequential growth we’ve seen, ”Su said.

In Q1 2018, Su said she liked bitcoin miners, but also said gamers are AMD’s priority customers. In the following quarter, the company reported a quarter-over-quarter decline in GPU revenue “primarily related to lower revenue from GPU products in the blockchain market.”

Nvidia reported third quarter revenue of $ 7.10 billion, up 50% from the same quarter last year. Based on GAAP, the company reported net income of $ 2.46 billion, up 84% from the quarter last year. ®

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