Brooks and Capehart on US military aid to Ukraine, GOP opposition to COVID funding

Jonathan Caphart:

I want to believe that NATO and the United States are prepared for this situation.

One of the things that I — one of the criticisms of the president that I think was valid is that he continued to communicate what the United States would not do, to communicate what he wouldn’t do, and instead stayed silent about these things, won’t talk about these things, would only talk about the things – he only now talks about the things he does.

And that’s exactly what he should do.

But I just want to backtrack a bit on this point. You spoke of underlying unity. Of course, there is some underlying unity. But I — it’s kind of annoying that some Republicans, particularly in the Senate, especially if they’re considering running for president, are — they’re playing games at a time when the president of the United States and the western alliance are going are – trying to contain – trying to contain Putin.

And you can’t argue that the president took too long, that he’s not doing enough, when you just voted against the $1.5 trillion omnibus bill that called for millions of dollars aid to Ukraine in this bill.

So this kind of inside game that Republicans bring to foreign policy, I think, is unfortunate. And I hope that in the future, especially if we come to this situation where the United States and the world are in the throes of a chemical or biological attack on Ukraine, that people think better about what they say about the president and the United States, what they are both trying to accomplish.

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