Davante Adams shoving the cameraman after his loss to the Chiefs has NFL fans furious

Davante Adams could be in big trouble. The Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver had a nasty end to the game on Monday Night Football. He failed to stay in bounds on a hold that would have put the Raiders on the edge of field goal range. Then, on the next play, he collided with teammate Hunter Renfrow on a sloppy fourth and a, which effectively ended the game.

The officials were so bad tonight that they missed a clear defensive pass interference against Renfrow covering Adams https://t.co/qakso949SW

Adams was undoubtedly frustrated with how the game ended. He first broke his helmet on the sidelines after the Kansas City Chiefs took over to kneel and run the clock.

But as he left the field, Davante Adams pushed a cameraman to the ground and continued walking.

It’s a $100,000+ push by Devante Adams. Good incoming. https://t.co/kbf625fO1O

Fans on social media called out the wide receiver for his unprovoked push and wanted him fined and suspended for his actions:

Fans also suggested the cameraman should sue Adams and earn a big payday from the incident:

Davante Adams apologizes for shoving the cameraman

During his postgame interview in the Raiders locker room, Adams apologized for shoving the cameraman, saying:

“Before I answer anything else, I’m going to apologize to the guy, a guy running off the pitch. And he ran, jumped in front of me and we got off the pitch. And I bumped into it and kind of pushed him and in the end on the floor so I want to say sorry to him for that because it was just frustration mixed with him literally rushing and running in front of me. And I definitely shouldn’t have answered that way, but that’s how I originally answered, so I don’t want to apologize to him for that.

Davante Adams with the most half ass excuses ever. “He jumped in front of me and I lightly bumped him” 😂 #MNF https://t.co/Gddw48DpKA

He also posted an apology on Twitter, which read:

“Sorry for the guy I pushed after the game. Obviously very frustrated with the way the game ended and when he ran past me as I was walking out, that was my reaction and I I felt horrible immediately. It’s not me. You see that.”

Sorry for the guy I pushed after the game. Obviously very frustrated with the way the game ended and when he ran past me as I walked out, that was my reaction and I felt awful immediately. It’s not me..MY SORRY man I hope you see this.

Even if Davante Adams’ remorse is genuine, the push will likely cost the wide receiver a significant amount on his paycheck. It may even result in a suspension.

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