Defy acquisitions with commercial expiry dates that must be preserved


Clint brought it up the other day – the trade deadline acquisitions that helped Atlanta win the NL East were even more valuable in the playoffs. Yesterday, Eddie Rosario continued his dominance, hitting four hits, including two home runs. He now leads all NL hitters in OPS, and he wasn’t the only one. Adam duval also hit a home run and Joc pederson got back into the clutch with a simple two-way RBI. The Braves’ trade deadline acquisitions made all the difference in the world, and if Jorge Soler hadn’t come out with COVID, he would likely have just as much of an impact in this series. However, there’s no way the Braves can keep them all, so which ones should they keep for next season and beyond?

Joc pederson

This one is the most obvious to me. Pederson has completely changed the clubhouse and is a perfect fit for Atlanta. He also has a mutual option for next season. I have a feeling both sides will be okay with that, and he’ll be back for at least one more season, but the Braves need to make sure he cradles his pearls at Truist Park anyway. ‘next year. I don’t think Pederson should be an everyday player; However, with DH likely to head into the National League next season, he will have plenty of opportunities to contribute throughout the year, and of course, his time will come in the playoffs.

Adam duval

The Braves made a mistake last year by letting Duvall walk on pennies; they cannot make this mistake twice. Duvall led the NHL in RBIs and led the team in homers with 37. He might be sequenced, but the way he can change the game in one fell swoop is incredibly valuable, especially when he’s in a row. hits at the bottom of the roster. . Like Pederson, Duvall has a mutual option; However, unlike Pederson, he certainly won’t opt. Still, the Braves have control of Duvall, given he has a year of officiating left. According to MLB Trade Rumors, he is expected to receive around $ 9.1 million – a figure the Braves should be prepared to pay.

Jorge soler

The last two on this list are unrestricted free agents. Soler has been absolutely amazing for the Braves since arriving from Kansas City, slamming 14 home runs and registering an .882 OPS in 55 games. He’s a defensive liability, but with DH likely to come to NL, that’s not a big deal. However, the Braves can’t bring everyone back, and I have a feeling Soler is most likely to be left out. Much will depend on the money. If any of the other three on this list are offered a lucrative multi-year contract, then Soler could come back. But if the other three are ready to accept manageable contracts, Soler will likely play elsewhere next season.

Eddie Rosario

Mr. October himself; I’ve been calling for the Braves to sign or trade for Rosario for years. They finally did, and now you see why. He’s not the biggest guy out there, but he’s got a lot of pop. It’s no conundrum either, Rosario has consistently posted a .800+ OPS every season for years now. He’s a real quality player and would be a perfect piece to have on the squad next year and beyond.

Thanks for reading about the Braves Trade Deadline Acquisitions. If you liked this piece, check out Jake’s recent article on how Eddie Rosario made playoff history.



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