DoorDash Driver realizes a customer ordered from another state

In a viral video, a TikToker who calls himself a DoorDash delivery driver receives an order that turned out to be much further away than expected. Ethan (@ethanshustle) of Wichita, Kansas apparently received an order request from a customer in Georgia.

“I’m currently on support,” Ethan says in the video, which was posted over the weekend and Tuesday had over 41,000 views.


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This TikToker also says that after calling support and DoorDash realized the error, the company allowed him to keep the order and his delivery charges.

“I got a free lunch. Let’s go baby!” Ethan screams in the video.

Although few orders are so far from his delivery area, Ethan told the Daily Dot similar incidents are common. “I would say I get a lot of orders to get out of my delivery area,” he said. “I just choose not to take them unless it’s a very slow day… It hasn’t been slow lately so I haven’t gotten out of my zone.”

Ethan said overall he likes the flexibility and delivery autonomy for DoorDash, which he’s been doing for a year. “As a student, this is a perfect job for you if you have a fuel-efficient car and are on a good market!” he said.

According to reviewers who claim to be DoorDash drivers, this is a relatively common occurrence.

“I once received a delivery that was in another city,” wrote one TikToker. “I called support and was able to keep food and full pay too!”

“Happened to me yesterday.. got about 40 wings for free,” another wrote. “I’m in Michigan [and] the guy who ordered was in Kentucky.

A third commenter chimed in with a similar story. “Happened to me last year,” the commenter wrote. “She let her kids order McDonald’s and she went home to another state. Ended up with 4 happy meals.

Some have speculated on how location mix-ups occur.

“Obviously their last order was in this hotel and forgot to change it,” one commenter suggested.

Customers accepted. “Did it once,” wrote one TikToker. “I forgot to change my location to return home after a trip. It happens.”

Other commenters expressed surprise that, given their alleged previous experience with the company, DoorDash offered to pay Ethan the full delivery cost and let him keep the meal.

“I’m shocked they paid you,” one commenter said. “Usually they try to give you just 5 bucks.”

For some, Ethan’s TikTok featured the discovery of a new life hack.

“Good bro,” wrote one commenter. “Lunch and a payday.”

DoorDash did not immediately respond to Daily Dot’s email request for comment.

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*First published: March 8, 2022, 11:42 a.m. CST

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