Draft Packers, Commanders trade replaces Jordan Love with Pro Bowl WR

The wide receiver trade predictions just won’t end for the Green Bay Packers this offseason. Like it or not, that’s reality until the Packers act. Whether in the draft, trade or free agency. This trade proposal sends QB Jordan Love to Washington Commanders for WR Terry McLaurin.

Let’s be realistic. The Commanders’ status as a playoff contender exists primarily in Daniel Snyder’s imagination. Even with McLaurin on the roster, the Commanders are the third-best team in the league’s weakest division. There are also financial considerations. McLaurin isn’t the only Commanders player who will soon be looking for a big salary. Washington’s roster strength (the defensive line) is full of former first-round picks who are either already doing it (Jonathan Allen) or soon to be (Chase Young) commanding big contracts. This will create problems for a team of 20th commanders in ceiling space, per Spotrac.

Dany Snyder:

Commanders are also arguably the most dysfunctional franchise in the league and have been in years. Snyder’s tenure as owner has been marked by scandal after scandal, the latest being accusations that commanders may have withheld revenue from other league teams.

McLaurin is no fool. He knows his chances of winning a Super Bowl in DC are soon to be non-existent. And if he can’t win, he will at least get paid—a ground. However, handing it out to Green Bay or Kansas City and taking a little less money (or at least structuring the contract in a more team-friendly way) becomes more palatable.

Proposed exchange:

Packers receive:

  • WR Terry McLaruin
  • 2023 third-round draft pick

Commanders receive:

  • QB Jordan Love
  • 2022 first-round pick

This trade would not only give Washington a chance at their future QB, but give them an additional first-round draft pick this year. For Green Bay, that would set their WR1 and still maintain another decent pick for next year. Both parties win this trade.

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