Former Chiefs running back Le’Veon Bell issues Twitter challenge to Jake Paul to fight him

We don’t know what the former Kansas City Chiefs are wearing Le’Veon Bell think these days, but we’re pretty sure he’ll live to regret it.

Maybe Bell has too much free time as a free agent while waiting for another team to call him in addition to the Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens. Maybe he’s a little too aggressive and doesn’t know how to channel emotion in a healthy way. Or maybe he’s just convinced boxer Jake Paul isn’t the challenge we think he would be for a guy like Bell.

Either way, Bell wants a piece of Paul and he recently took to Twitter to say so.

Early Sunday morning, shortly after Paul knocked out Tyrone Woodley in a rematch with a sixth-round knockout in Tampa on Saturday night. That’s when Bell decided to publish this:

At the very least, we’re intrigued by the idea of ​​watching Bell in the ring and we know there would be a big payoff for it. Perhaps the same agility and sparkle that it takes to be a successful NFL running back for years would translate well, and it’s quite possible that Bell has trained enough in boxing in the past to pull off. feel comfortable with the concept.

However, that genre, in a way, seems like a death wish and we don’t know why Bell would want to take the leap. He clearly doesn’t need the money since he’s already missed an entire season in the name of bad financial decisions. Even during that year, we haven’t heard much from Bell, so he also knows how to stay quiet at home hanging out with whoever does whatever he wants with the riches he has.

We’re not the only ones seeing Bell’s tweet and wondering what’s going on.

Then again, maybe Le’Veon Bell is the world’s next great boxer and we’re seeing a new chapter in his story unfold, which started with a Twitter challenge to Jake Paul.

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