FSU Ranked in Top 20 Public Universities for Fourth Consecutive Year

Propelled by academic excellence and students driven to succeed, Florida State University has claimed its position in the US News & World Report ranking as one of the top 20 public universities in the United States.

This is the fourth consecutive year that FSU has made the top 20 rankings. For the third year in a row, Florida State reaffirmed its No. 19 position on the Top 20 list. FSU also maintained its position as No. 55 between all national universities, including public and private schools.

“These rankings reflect the total excellence of the university,” Florida State President Richard McCullough said in an FSU. news video. “We compete at the highest level with the best universities in the world, and our goal is to continue to climb into the Top 15 and beyond.”

Florida State’s accomplishments don’t stop there. Up six spots from a year ago, FSU ranked 18th among all public universities based on freshman graduation and retention rates. Additionally, Florida State holds a position in the top 20 among public universities for the highest graduation rate at 19th. Calculated by American Newsthe score compares actual graduation rates and predicted graduation rates.

“Florida State University’s recognition among the top 20 public universities is the result of the unwavering commitment of our faculty, staff, and students who have worked tirelessly to firmly establish us as one of the top institutions country,” said Jim Clark, vice president and executive vice president. President for Academic Affairs in the news video. “There are hundreds of people on our campus who work on particular types of problems and challenges every day in order to achieve this kind of achievement.”

According American News, FSU has been recognized as the #8 best-value college in the nation among public universities, as well as the #1 best-value university in the state of Florida. The university improved to No. 23 among public universities in graduate debt rankings. Such a ranking measures the average federal graduate debt and the number of Florida State graduates who have taken out federal loans. The average amount of graduate debt fell by $912 from the previous measure, and the percentage of graduates who took out federal loans fell from 43% to 38%.

“People talk about affordability and access to higher education all the time, but we actually deliver,” President McCullough said. “Our tuition is among the lowest in the country, and we work very hard at the individual student level to provide scholarships rather than requiring students to take out loans.”

Rankings as prestigious as these have made Florida State a university of which students are proud.

“The school itself has so much to offer in terms of academic, athletic and extracurricular activities,” said FSU sophomore Natalie Kelly. “Although we are a very diverse campus, I feel such a sense of unity and pride in the state of Florida.”

FSU is a school founded on passion and commitment to excellence in all areas. With such a dedication to success among staff, faculty, and students, FSU continues to prove itself as one of the top public universities in the nation, making everyone who attends proud to be a Florida State Seminole.

“I love the Florida State pride that I feel every time I walk around campus or see someone wearing an FSU t-shirt,” Kelly said. “But more importantly, I love the education I get and the people I can surround myself with every day.”

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