Google Pixel Watch leaked after being left at the bar

Google’s next Pixel Watch was unveiled earlier than expected when someone accidentally left it in a restaurant bar and Android Central posted photos of the device as part of a Reddit Ask Me Anything session ( AMA) under the username Tagtech414, according to an Ars Tech report on Monday (April 25).

Pixel Watch footage depicts a non-working prototype that no one knows how to charge and may have been remotely wiped. The watch had been in the restaurant’s lost and found area for “several weeks” before photos surfaced, according to the report.

From the images, Google’s smartwatch is widest on the top glass cover, according to the report. The watch features a proprietary detachable watch strap that features black inserts, although it’s unclear what they will be used for at this point, possibly a date connection or a watch recharge, the report said.

The silver center section also houses a rotating digital crown and an additional button on the right side, while the left side has what looks like a speaker and microphone, according to the report, while the bottom of the watch features a heart rate monitor (four sensor slots in the middle) and an ECG sensor (two large silver halves).

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In January, Verizon announced that it would soon offer BlueJeans meetings preloaded on Google’s Glass Enterprise Edition 2 portable devices sold by Verizon. When paired with a Google Pixel 6 phone, the phone will act as a 5G mobile hotspot, allowing glass wearable devices to utilize 5G’s low latency and users to work hands-free while using the high definition video.

The BlueJeans Meetings video conferencing application provides a “see what I see” experience so that a back office customer can see what a remote user wearing glasses sees, primarily for remote support. BlueJeans Meetings also gives the back-office client using a PC some control over the communication, allowing them to turn on the flashlight on the glasses or zoom in using the camera’s digital zoom.



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