Kansas City Chiefs make successful trade for Baltimore Ravens to take on Orlando Brown Jr.



Just days before the NFL Draft, Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach put on a blockbuster for tackle Orlando Brown Jr. to fill the vacant left tackle. The Arrowhead Report Roundtable is back to discuss the biggest move of the offseason (so far).

Joshua Brisco: The Chiefs added a Pro Bowl-caliber tackle who, at 24, is about the same age as some of this year’s top draft prospects. That’s great. They paid an acceptable price in terms of draft picks, also winning another second-round pick for the 2021 draft. That’s okay. They are also about to owe Brown a huge sum. It’s not as wonderful, but not necessarily terrible. Brown would play the final year of his rookie contract this year before he is due to be extended and / or franchise tagged in 2022. This negotiation will rival the highest-paid tackles in the NFL, but if Brown proves his worth in 2021, this sticker -the shocks will disappear fairly quickly.

Tucker Franklin: While there are a lot of things I love about moving, there are other aspects that I don’t like too much. First, I’ll start with the good. Brown is a proven product. In his first three years in the NFL, he achieved two Pro Bowls. Professional football benchmark Calls him an “elite” pass protector and he ranks in the league’s top 25 tackles last year. Another element that I like is the compensation. Kansas City essentially gave up a second-round selection to fill its biggest vacancy with Pro-Bowl talent. It’s OK with me.

On the downside, Brown is in the final year of his rookie contract, which means a big payday is looming. Although he is a candidate for the franchise label next season, it could be advantageous to give him a contract that makes him happy and that is structured in favor of the Chiefs. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I don’t know how well it fits a diagram. Brown played for a Baltimore Ravens team and played on the right side for most of his career. Not only will he be tasked with learning a heavy new passing pattern, Brown will also move from right tackle to left tackle. Overall, this move makes sense and makes the Chiefs better while filling a huge hole ahead of the draft. Brett Veach does it again.

Jordan Foote: I don’t like this move for the Chiefs, but I like it a lot. Orlando Brown is not doing hand in hand in the program and may have some leverage in negotiations a year from now. That said, the Chiefs took their greatest weakness and made it a strength. The rebuilding of the offensive line is almost complete – at least for this offseason. Good stuff from Brett Veach.

Conner Christopherson: I understand. I understand why the Chiefs traded for Orlando Brown. As the pre-draft process progressed, I found myself increasingly concerned about the tackle outlook that the bosses could reasonably take in pick # 31. Full of close-range projects it didn’t seem like. not good for chefs to get an immediate entry on the first day of their choice. Trading for Brown makes sense. I still have concerns. Paying Brown and adding his contract to the other contracts the Chiefs have on the books will certainly require an improvement in the cap. Also, I’m concerned about its compatibility with the Chiefs offense which is very different from the Ravens. All in all, given the abandoned capital project, it’s hard to hate this move too much. Protect the franchise.

Mark Van Sickle: Brett Veach is doing it again! Trading to get Orlando Brown, who would be a better left tackle than anyone they pick at No.31 in 2021, makes a lot of sense. The Chiefs could very well have new starters down the entire offensive line from Brown to Joe Thuney to Austin Blythe to Kyle Long to Lucas Niang … it will be a lot of new faces protecting Patrick Mahomes. In addition to the extra depth with the return of Mike Remmers and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, the Chiefs are well placed before the draft. With dreams of getting a Rashod Bateman or Tevin Jenkins over, the Chiefs have made a fantastic move that will help the offense run better from day one. They will start the draft on Friday with picks 58 and 63 in the second round and the left starting tackle already on the list. It has been a good day for Chiefs Kingdom!

Sam Hays: The chefs bringing in Orlando Brown is a shocking move. Brown has gone to the Pro Bowl for the past two seasons and he’s only three seasons into his NFL career and he’s only 24, reaching 25 in nine days. Brown will take over the Chiefs’ left tackle for at least the 2021 season, hopefully beyond, and you should expect him to kill him, especially alongside Joe Thuney. The offensive line is set, no more mishaps like Super Bowl LV.

Taylor Witt: There was only one way to quickly go through the bitter taste that Super Bowl LV left for Chiefs fans, and that was to chew and spit out the old offensive line at every position. Adding Joe Thuney and Kyle Long as appetizers before Orlando Brown Jr.’s main course, the Chiefs offense will be feasting next year behind a muscular line and its ever-delicious cast of skillful players. Chef Patrick Mahomes has to lick his chops.

Joe Andrews: Brett Veach took a bet with this one, but it looks OK. This move puts an end to rebuilding the offensive line, and it will likely cost the leaders a ton of money. At the same time, there aren’t many day one tackles worth picking by the time the Chiefs’ first-round pick arrives. This should be a W.

We would like to inform our readers that Jacob Harris laughs maniacally and we are unable to calm him down enough to write a roundtable blurb.

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