Kiski Township supervisors to assess how to spend US bailout money

Supervisors in Kiski Township and other municipalities have received good news on how American Rescue Plan Act funds can be spent.

“The spending rules are now significantly expanded,” Township Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Bono said as he held up a 50-page guide provided by the US Treasury Department at a recent meeting of supervisors.

The state and local fiscal stimulus fund program now allows for capital spending to address public health and economic impacts. It also makes eligible services such as childcare, early learning, learning loss, affordable housing, and others.

Originally, funding from the act could only be used for lost municipal employee wages, certain bonuses, and sewer and water programs.

The Township of Kiski will receive $446,000 in two installments of $223,000 each. Township officials were awaiting a final decision before deciding how best to spend the money.

Officials did not discuss options for the money, but renovating police department restrooms and building a new winter road salt storage building could be among the uses.

The Township of Kiski is awaiting final approval from Armstrong County Commissioners to provide funding to replace sewer lines on Rose Street. The terracotta pipes were installed in the 1950s and need to be replaced. Armstrong County can provide up to $125,000, while Kiski Township would provide matching funds.

The Rose Street manhole covers also need to be replaced.

Township supervisors are also hoping to get money from the county to repave six streets in the Brownstown section of the township. A park would be rehabilitated there, as well as a culvert bridge over Chestnut Road.

George Guido is a contributing writer for Tribune-Review.

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