Lack of competitive seats makes Florida primaries more important

Daniel Webster in the 11th arrondissement: Webster faces activist Laura Loomer, who ran against Democratic 18th District Representative Lois Frankel in 2020 with Trump’s endorsement and lost. Loomer – who was banned from social media for anti-Muslim comments – raised $763,000 and spent $682,000, more than Webster on both counts, and she got another $130,000 in outside support from a group called American Liberty Fund, which claims on its website that it supports candidates who will disrupt Congress. She attacked the 73-year-old Republican six-term incumbent as too old to adequately represent the district. Another Republican, Gavriel Soriano, is also on the ballot.

Battles for open seats

GOP fight in the 4th: Three Republicans – Erick Aguilar, Aaron Bean and Jon Chuba – are running for the nomination to succeed Rep. John Rutherford, who is running in the redesigned 5th District. Aguilar and Bean both spent around $500,000. But Aguilar, a businessman and Navy veteran who finished with 20% in the 2020 GOP primary, has raised more than double for his campaign, thanks in part to the $450,000 he himself injected. . Aguilar, however, came under fire after sending fundraising emails that appeared deceptively coming from Trump and Florida Governor Ron Desantis. Bean, a state senator, has secured $1.2 million in outside support from two different PACs, giving him an edge in the race. November’s race for the seat is ranked Solid Republican.

The 7th district could switch: The retirement of Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy leaves a November race ranked likely Republican by Inside Elections. Eight Republicans are vying for the nomination. The top three fundraisers — pastor/veteran Brady Duke, businessman/veteran Cory Mills, and state Rep. Anthony Sabitini — each spent more than $1 million (Duke spending more than double ). Sabitini was the target of more than $800,000 in negative mail, text messages, and television and radio ads by American Liberty Action PAC, which was filed July 28 and did not disclose its donors. Outside groups also spent $278,000 to support Sabatini and $288,000 to support Duke.

So could the 13th: Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist’s race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination has led to a five-candidate Republican primary in the 13th District, where November’s race is ranked likely Republican. Air Force veteran Anna Paulina Luna, who won the 2020 GOP primary and finished 6 points behind Crist, has Trump’s endorsement and support from several high-profile members of the House on the right. She is also the top fundraiser, with $1.9 million in revenue, although the second biggest fundraiser, Kevin Hayslett, a former prosecutor, is a close second. a recent survey. On the Democratic side, Eric Lynn, former adviser to President Barack Obama, is running unopposed.

Heavy external expenses in the 15: Republican Rep. Scott Franklin is running in the 18th district and five candidates are running in the GOP primary to succeed him in the 15th, where November’s race is ranked as likely Republican. They include Laurel Lee, a former secretary of state appointed by DeSantis; State Senator Kelli Stargel; and State Representative Jackie Toledo, neither of whom has a clear fundraising advantage. Outside groups have spent $2.2 million on the race, with Lee attracting the most money from groups that support and oppose her. Comedian Eddie Geller raised and spent the most in the five-man Democratic race.

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