Mariya Calkins adds $125,000 with the help of a $77,000 loan in the race to replace Jayer Williamson

First time candidate Mariya Calkins campaign coffers reached $125,000 in her first month as a candidate seeking state representative. Jayer Williamsonit is seat.

Currently, $103,000 has been added to his campaign account in the House District 3 race. His political committee, Friends of Mariya Calkins, has raised $25,000. So far she is the only candidate to have entered the HD 3 race after Williamson announced he would not run for re-election in early January.

Most of his campaign fund total is made up of personal loans and contributions. According to state campaign finance records, she took out a loan of $77,777 on Jan. 7, the day she filed for office. She also donated $2,000 to herself.

So far, his campaign has spent $4,505.65, including $556.40 for signs and $1,326.80 for print design. She also donated $1,000 to Front line strategiesa media and public relations company.

Calkins, wife of Santa Rosa County Commissioner James Calkinswas born under the communist government of the former USSR and became an American citizen in 2018. She previously worked in the capital as a legislative assistant.

She said in a statement to Florida Politics that she decided to run after learning that Williamson would not run and that her campaign would be centered on conservative principles.

“I support free enterprise, constitutional protections, and personal liberty, and I believe District 3 can continue to thrive if we stay true to those values ​​and stand up for our freedoms,” Calkins said. “I thank Rep. Williamson for his excellent service to our District. It would be an honor to follow in his footsteps. »

Calkins received several endorsements, including from the U.S. Representative. Matt GaetzChairman of the Santa Rosa County Commission Bob Cole and state representative. Antoine Sabatini.

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