Mike Zhao’s California fundraiser continues out-of-state support in HD 45 race

Republican mike zhaowho has national prominence as an Asian American civil rights activist, added nearly $10,000 to his House District 45 campaign in late June with a fundraiser in San Jose, Calif.

Zhao is running in a high-stakes Republican primary election battle with four other candidates for the open seat representing the Walt Disney World area.

As Zhao, a businessman and Engineer of Windermere, Republican Candidates Caroline Amesty of Windermere, Vennia Francois of Windermere and Bruno Portigliatti d’Orlando are also running campaigns with already over $100,000 to date. Republican Janet Frevola and democrat Allie Braswell lead more modest campaigns.

A leader in the national effort to oppose college and university affirmative action programs that work against Asian American students, Zhao has now raised more than three-quarters of his $118,000 in donated money. outside of Florida, according to campaign finance reports through July 1.

California, where Zhao has now attracted $32,000 in donations, is the first state in his campaign for the money.

Not including the $100,000 Zhao loaned to his own campaign, he raised $25,779 in Florida, according to the latest reports from the Division of Elections.

California isn’t the only state to offer strong support to Zhao. It collected more than $6,000 from contributors in New Jersey and New York, and more than $4,000 each from contributors in Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.

Zhao’s latest report, covering the two-week period ending July 1, shows much the same type of activity as his four Republican and Braswell opponents: fairly modest donations and limited spending, mostly on billboards, direct mail and print advertising.

The August 23 Republican primary stretch race began in late June with a modest television purchase for Amesty’s first advertising campaign.

HD 45 covers southwest Orange County, including Walt Disney World, and northwest Osceola County. The results of the last two general elections suggest he has a slight Democratic leaning.

Zhao raised $10,874 for his official campaign, almost entirely in California, and added another personal loan of $10,000. This brought his total raised to $217,999, including his $100,000 in personal loans. His campaign spent $12,250 on advertising in late June, plus about $2,100 for a party venue in San Jose.

His campaign went through in July with $161,000 still in the bank.

Zhao also has an independent political committee, Defending the American Dream, which reported no activity during the period. He raised $41,500 and had about $28,525 in the bank.

Portigliatti’s campaign raised $11,725 ​​during the reporting period and spent $9,861, much of it on internet advertising. His campaign has now raised $172,605. He entered July with about $140,000 in the bank.

Portigliatti also has an independent political committee, the Liberty and Prosperity Fund, which reported no activity during the period except for sending a $1,000 check to the Republican Rep’s re-election campaign. Fred Hawkin in the District 35 house. The committee raised about $22,000 and entered July with about $21,000 in the bank.

Democratic HD 45 nominee Braswell had the second-best fundraising effort in late June, bringing in $5,965. His campaign, which does not have to compete until the fall, has raised $41,000 and entered July with about $21,000 in the bank. He didn’t spend much at the end of June.

Amesty raised $4,651 and spent $21,730 at the end of June, starting its advertising. Including the $200,000 she lent to her campaign, Amesty’s fund had raised $265,000 and had about $207,000 in the bank as of July 1.

She also has an independent political committee, Friends of Carolina Amesty, which raised no money at the end of June but spent $8,750 on advertising. This committee raised $38,410 and there was approximately $28,000 left in the bank on July 1.

Francois’ campaign raised $4,610 in the last two weeks of June and spent very little. He has now raised $115,497 and spent all but $69,000.

It also has an independent political committee, Families for Freedom. It showed no activity during the reporting period. Through July 1, he had raised about $35,000 and entered July with about $27,000 in the bank.

Frevola added $50 to his campaign in late June and spent a few hundred dollars. He has now raised $18,715, including the $4,000 she lent to his campaign. She entered July with about $2,700 remaining.

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