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If you use online sports betting to bet on the NFL every week, chances are you’ve tried betting, which are the most popular bets outside of the standard money line, spread, and total. There is a huge range of variations in the betting market and below we will give you some examples as a 10 week parlay pick.

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If you want to create a custom bet, each sportsbook offers a huge range of markets and individual betting options for each game. If you are looking for suggestions before creating your own, keep reading.

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NFL Parlays Week 10 | Ravens vs. Dolphins chooses for the same Parlay game

Same-game parlays are very popular, especially for stand-alone prime-time games. These bets can combine the contest outcome (ML, spread and totals) with a variety of props to create a bet of any odds they want, built entirely from selections from the same contest.

Below we have combined the money line with an alternate total and several props to create a SGP for the Ravens vs. Dolphins Thursday, which comes out at +1100 at DraftKings:

  • Baltimore Ravens -9.5
  • Over 43.5 Alternative Total
  • Lamar Jackson 60+ rush yards
  • Mark Andrews on 45.5 receiving yards
  • Myles Gaskin 35+ rushing yards

With Tua’s status pending, choosing a PGS for this game is rather difficult. Either way, the Dolphins’ offense is among the worst in the league in several categories and due to the bad weather early in the day it could be a bit sloppy as well. As we see, the end result is Baltimore takes control on the ground with its dominant running game and runs away to win by two scores.

Despite the bad weather, Miami’s propensity to return the ball and its inability to stop the Ravens on the ground suggests that it will still have a few points. We cut a TD out of the total and settled in over 39.5. We expect to see Lamar play a big part in the running game after his 120-yard explosion last week, and this time we’re only asking for 60 yards against an average running defense.

Mark Andrews hit exactly 44 yards last week, but topped that 44.5 consecutive weeks before. He’s Jackson’s safety valve. Myles Gasking has had over 12 carries in three straight games, and it’s a volume game to hope he has enough to reach 35 yards.

NFL Week 10 Parlay Pick | Lateral parlays and correlated totals

For each NFL All-Around, sports betting also offers bettors the option of tying the moneyline or spreading with the over / under. Think of it as a sort of same game parlay (SGP), without any props.

Correlation bets featuring a team and the total are growing in popularity and are offered in various ways on sites like FanDuel and BetMGM, among others. Even if the site you are using does not offer them, you can still create a PMS that includes both elements at the numbers you choose.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts (1 p.m. ET)

Colts -6.5 and over 45.5 (+150 or better): We don’t expect to see a repeat of Jacksonville’s stopping effort against Buffalo in Week 9. It was impressive, but it was far more likely an outlier than something we should see for. a second week in a row, especially against the top offense runners in football.

The Colts offense is on fire, triggered by the running game and Jonathan Taylor behind a dominant attacking front. The Jags’ run defense has been pretty decent, but this unit is still 26th in yards per game and we agree with Indy to continue. The pace is slow for this attack but as we see them moving the ball

This gap is close to double digits, so we’ve covered a key number and also topped the total just a few points below the current total. With Trevor Lawrence and James Robinson on track to play and this one taking place in a dome, the Jags can do their part to take it to 46. This one may look like last week’s Colts-Jets game at the end, although they will not score 75 combined points.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Washington (1 p.m. ET)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -9.5 and over 47.5 (+180 or better): The last time these two teams met was the first round of the NFC playoffs and the first stop in Tampa’s race to the Super Bowl. This time the two are going off weeks with the Bucs in first place and the WFT in last place in the NFC East.

We’ll keep the 9.5-point gap as this game features the No. 1 ranked DVOA offense against the 30th ranked unit, as well as the WFT defense is 25th in yards per game and last in third.

Tampa’s run defense is elite, but its pass defense is not and, due to its leadership position for most of the game, Washington is capable of scoring enough points in this group. to hit 40 and get that bet for a decent payout.

NFL Week 10 Parlay Pick | The three team members

There is so much variety on offer that it is difficult to agree on a parlay strategy at times. One thing we recommend is to limit bets to two or three sides, rather than four, five or six. While the payouts aren’t that juicy, these bets just have a much better chance of winning. This week we get +341 odds on FanDuel Sportsbook for the following bet:

  • Philadelphia Eagles +3
  • Cleveland Browns +3.5 alternative line
  • Chiefs-Raiders Over 45.5 points in alternate total

Here we have a spread, an alternate spread and an alternate total. Many people caution against teasing or using alternate lines for totals in the NFL, but it can also be done on a case-by-case basis. You can also build any bet you want, so it doesn’t have to be this one.

We were expecting a positive regression from that Chiefs offense and it just didn’t really come. Are they due to an escape, or are they just not at that explosive level anymore? It might be a combination of the two, but we’re leaning towards the former in Las Vegas.

The Raiders are very good against the pass but porous against the run. Kansas City moving him around the ground easily, even if they don’t run a lot, will make things immeasurably easier for Mahomes and the offense. We already know the Kansas City defense is terrible, so moving this one through a touchdown feels safe.

The Browns are hardly an underdog against New England and we think they are winning outright. But by breaking through a key threesome we guard against a close loss in a game that might not be insanely high.

As for Philadelphia, the Broncos are on a roll after a win over the Cowboys, but we’re also looking at the Eagles’ performance against the Chargers with a few bright spots. Philly should be able to throw the ball over to Denver, which we’re betting won’t repeat what we’ve seen against Dallas based on the underlying numbers.

There are so many options out there, go take your NFL knowledge and try any number of combinations until you find a bet you like. Good luck for week 10.

Week 10 NFL betting odds


Parlays are bets that consist of two or more selections, which increases the odds more than you would see with a typical single bet. The potential to earn a lot more than you risk is one of the reasons parlays are so popular.

The exact parlay odds depend on several factors, including the number of selections and the exact lines of each, but all parlays will feature improved odds in one way or another. Remember that all stages of your parlay must win in order for you to receive full payout, and a push will remove the selection and keep the parlay alive.

You can include moneylines, spreads, totals, and even props in many cases, and bettors can choose to tie together just two sides, or up to 12 or more depending on the sportsbook. Parlays are fully customizable, which means bettors can choose how big their odds are, how many sides will be included, and how difficult it is to make each stage of the parlay.

While some punters want high odds and huge payouts, as you see on social media. But just because the occasional big payout is what you see going viral, it’s closer to the exception, not the rule.

The way to establish consistency is to have only two or three sides and avoid chasing astronomical odds. Of course, you can also try your hand at a massive win, but make sure you only risk the money that you are willing to lose.

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