Only Black-Led National Mortgage Company Expands to Increase Black Homeownership Across the U.S. – The Florida Star

LAS VEGAS – LEGACY Home Loans, a mortgage banking company, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, continues to deliver on its mission to empower African American communities across the United States with a focus on on creating lasting wealth through home ownership and leaving the Legacies family, by opening two new branches in our communities,” said Ben Slayton, President and CEO of LEGACY Home Loans.

One of our new branches is located in Jacksonville, Florida and is managed by Mrs. Tamika Peterkin, a native of Jacksonville, Florida and in her 23 years in the mortgage industry Tamika has worked and managed many levels within mortgage, allowing him to use his vast experience and knowledge to help families achieve their home ownership goals.

As an Air National Guard veteran, Tamika continues to live by the Air Force Core Values ​​”Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All She Does” . It is truly a joy to finally be associated with a company whose goal is to help ‘our people’ become homeowners, which is what I have sought throughout my mortgage career,” said Ms Peterkin. .

The other new branch is in Birmingham, Alabama, and is headed by Mr. Pierre Brown, a native of Birmingham, Alabama with 15 years experience in the mortgage industry. Pierre’s personal commitment to professional excellence, coupled with a strong desire to help others has been his common thread. Now more than ever, borrowers need a family-focused mortgage specialist who will work in the borrower’s best interest when making one of the most important decisions of their life. I didn’t know there was a black mortgage company in the country. Once I found out about LEGACY Home Loans I made the decision right away, this is where I wanted to be, to help our people become homeowners and to help bridge the homeownership gap. the property, Mr. Brown said.

Slayton’s commitment for LEGACY Home Loans is to lend “$1 billion” in mortgages to African American homebuyers by 2023. Thereafter, to lend $1 billion or more each year to our people. We are opening new branches in every metropolitan city in the United States that has a 25% or more African American population. And, by hiring local mortgage professionals in our communities and giving them the tools, training, loan programs and resources, so they can compete with any mortgage lender in the United States.

Today, LEGACY Home Loans has branches located in Los Angeles and Oakland, CA, Atlanta and Tucker Georgia, Dallas Texas and Houston TX, Las Vegas, Nevada, Columbia South Carolina, Charlotte North Carolina, St. Louis Missouri and now in Jacksonville, Florida and Birmingham, Alabama.

Slayton pointed out what differentiates LEGACY from other mortgage companies is that when our branches are successful, we take the profits from those branches and open new branches in our communities, hire local people in our communities and help to recirculate money within our Black communities.

Today, African American home ownership is at an all-time low of just 44% (meaning only 4 in 10 African Americans own the home they live in), unlike 7 white families. out of 10 who own the homes they live in. , a 30% property gap between blacks and whites. LEGACY intends to do its part to close this 30% gap in home ownership.
Slayton has been a leader in the African-American community since becoming the first African-American real estate agent in America. Since then, he has started, built and sold several successful businesses in the real estate and mortgage industry. He is currently President and CEO of LEGACY Home Loans. For more information about LEGACY home loans, visit the company’s website at: www.MyHomeLegacy.Comor call (702) 425-3374.

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