Ranking of the 100 best MLB players of the 2021 season | Launderer report


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10. RF Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies

Average WAR: 6.3

Harper isn’t much of a defender at this point in his career, so it’s a good thing he doesn’t have to be. If anything, its metrics indicate that it is a better hitter now than he was in his unanimous MVP season in 2015. Courtesy of his best of the league 1,044 OPS and 35 circuits, he could have another soon.

9. SS Carlos Correa, Houston Astros

Average WAR: 6.5

Chances are we will soon be calling Correa a Gold Glover, as it is a finalist for one after leading all from MLB with 21 defensive runs saved. Although not his best, his 131 OPS + and career-high 26 homers also made 2021 one of his best attacking seasons. Someone is paying the man.

8. SS Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego Padres

Average WAR: 6.4

A season in which he had to play through a shoulder injury and walked away from the shortstop? This sounds like a disaster, but Tatis’ 2021 campaign was anything but how he pulled off a 166 OPS + with a NL-high 42 home runs and 25 stolen goals. As usual, his raw power was his best asset to the tune of elite percentiles for output speed, hard hit rate and barrels.

7.3B José Ramirez, Cleveland Guardians

Average WAR: 6.5

This was another year in which Ramirez kind of did his thing. A sin, shoot a whole bunch flying balls to finish with 36 homers while balancing many walks (72) with few strikeouts (87). So he passed a 140 OPS + for the fourth time in five seasons. Plus, his 27 flights just make it clear how maybe that was his best year on the plinths.

6. RHP Zack Wheeler, Philadelphia Phillies

Average WAR: 7.5

The Phillies rolled the dice when they committed $ 118 million to Zack Wheeler in 2019. It’s fair to say that it paid off. He now has a under 3.00 ERA on 43 starts for the Phillies, especially doing little harm in a 2021 season in which he led the majors with 213.1 sleeves to do with a 150 ERA +. Between his 247 strikeouts and 99th percentile exit speed, it was just hard to hit.

5. RHP Corbin Burnes, Milwaukee Brewers

Average WAR: 6.6

OK, so Burnes has “only” recorded 167 innings this season. Yet he also has MLB leads with an ERA of 2.43, and even that pales in comparison to its 2.01 xERA. He was just good at everything, landing in the 92nd percentile or better for the walk rate, withdrawal rate and average exit speed. They touch? Baseball the meanest and better cutter.

4.2B Marcus Semien, Toronto Blue Jays

Average WAR: 6.9

Looking at his peripheral statistics, you could argue that Semien outperformed in 2021. Still, the flying bullets fired solve many problems, and he hit more of those than any other American league because it has compiled a 133 OPS + and 45 home runs. He is also rightly a Gant d’Or finalist even though it was his first year as a full-time second baseman. For the second time in three years, he has MVP votes coming up.

3.1B Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto Blue Jays

Average WAR: 6.8

A rocket a day keeps the doctor away. This seemed to be Guerrero’s motto throughout 2021, where he defined a new high season with 274 bullets hit at least 95 mph. Those plus one 87th percentile walk rate led him to high marks in MLB with 48 home runs and 363 total bases, as well as personalities from AL in OBP and punch. If you want a good composition, consider the Miguel Cabrera peak.

2. RF Juan Soto, Washington Nationals

Average WAR: 6.8

So we can all agree that Soto is the best hitter in baseball, right? Because no one has been better than him at not doing outs over the past two seasons, as he followed his MLB-high .490 OBP in 2020 with another league leader mark of .465 in 2021. Because he also hit 29 home runs and even counted five outs above average on the field, the National League simply did not have a better player than him this season.

1. DH / RHP Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels

War average: 8.6

Even after having had a few weeks to process it, the season that Ohtani has had in 2021 still leaves much to be desired. He threw the ball like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and hit guys at the same rate like Yu Darvish. On one side of the ball he had a 158 OPS + and 46 circuits. On the other, one 141 ERA + and 156 strikeouts. Move, Rogan ball. The new best two-way player in baseball history is here.

Statistics courtesy of Baseball reference, FanGraphs and baseball scholar.

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