The 10 highest-paid QBs in the NFL for the 2022 season after Derek Carr’s deal

The NFL’s offseason has been filled with blockbuster deals left and right, from franchises trying to retain their stars to teams looking for a fresh face in 2022.

Whichever path they chose, a lot of it resulted in huge payday for the players, especially the quarterbacks.

Fans saw the Texas unload Deshaun Watson in a historic trade in the Brownsthe Packers paid a pretty penny to keep Aaron Rodgers after considering retirement and the Raiders finally treated Derek Carr like a franchise quarterback with his final overtime. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson is gone Seattle for the Mile High Cityand the Falcons traded Matt Ryan to Foals.

However, the contract buzz didn’t end there as Tom Brady entered the chat, without stepping down, and returned to Tampa Bay.

All of the moving, signing, and existing deals leave fans wondering who really has the biggest salary? Is it a quarterback who stuck with his franchise, like the pride of Kansas City, or one who moved to a new city? Or is it someone who won the Lombardi Trophy? (I’m looking at you, Matthew Stafford.)

Here are the 10 highest paid quarterbacks for the 2022 season, per, following Carr’s three-year contract extension. The ranking takes the average of their respective salaries.

1. Aaron Rodgers, $50,271,667

2. Deshaun Watson, $46,000,000

3. Patrick Mahomes, $45,000,000

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4.Josh Allen, $43,005,667

5. Derek Carr, $40,500,000

T-6. Dak Prescott, $40,000,000

T-6. Matthew Stafford, $40,000,000

T-8. Kirk Cousins, $35,000,000

T-8. Russell Wilson, $35,000,000

10. Jared Goff, $33,500,000

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