Three major fixes the Cowboys need to make to win Super Bowl 57 in 2023

Heading into the 2022 NFL offseason, the Dallas Cowboys are in a very precarious situation. They have a head coach who apparently should be in the hot seat, except his coordinators are both rock stars. This triggers another tricky setup for the Cowboys where they see these coordinators, Dan Quinn on defense and Kellen Moore on offense, both being interviewed for multiple head coaching positions around the league.

So would Dallas be interested in changing any of them from McCarthy?

Everyone thought so, but when Stephen Jones was asked about McCarthy’s professional status on Monday, he said it wasn’t a problem. That leaves the Cowboys on the outside when it comes to Quinn and Moore, which they can’t afford to happen. It’s probably too late for that now, as Quinn appears to be a lock for a head coaching job (possibly with the Denver Broncos) and Moore apparently would. want to land the work of the Minnesota Vikings.

The team also has a few key free agents to approach ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft, one they hope will knock out of the park like they did the last two when they drafted Trevon Diggs, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons. Here are the three biggest problems the Cowboys need to solve if they want to win Super Bowl 57 in 2023.

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Three Cowboys problems to solve

3. Determine the coaching staff

As we talked about earlier, the coaching staff is going to need a nice little restart. What we’re suggesting here is that if Patrick Graham isn’t retained by the new New York Giants head coach, the Cowboys should run to his door on a contract. The man is seen by his players as a defensive mastermind and he also has players who enjoy playing for him. It’s a tough combination for a defensive coach to find.

On offense, if Moore is not retained, the team should look “inside” and promote Jeff Blasko from offensive line coach to offensive coordinator. He’s got Joe Philbin there who’s called forward plays he can build on as he learns how to do it, but the biggest benefactor of hiring an offensive line coach as offensive coordinator is that it generally improves your running game. It would be a treat for all Cowboys fans if they are able to fix the ongoing game issues.

2. Decide to bring back Michael Gallup and/or Dalton Schultz

These two are both free agents and would be looking at scorching markets the same way were it not for Gallup’s season-ending ACL tear. While the injury probably makes Gallup more likely to re-sign with the Cowboys than anyone else, it also takes a lot of money away from the youngster and that’s the really sad part here. We say, sign Gallup to a three-year, $35 million contract. He gets $17 million guaranteed: $5 million guaranteed for rehabilitation the first year, then $12 million guaranteed the second year. Next, the Cowboys have a third-year option worth $18 million.

For Schultz, this one gets a little trickier because he’s going to get top ten money in free agency. If the Cowboys are willing to pay that price, that’s likely where he’ll stay as it will give him the best chance to produce statistically and therefore win another contract. If the money isn’t close, expect Schultz to take the payday and walk, possibly following Moore or Quinn to their next destination.

1. Have another good draft

The Cowboys have been out of the park in the last two drafts. From CeeDee Lamb to Trevon Diggs to Micah Parsons and the litany of producers they found in the final rounds of the draft, Dallas has young stars practically everywhere. However, they can’t let go, as they have the Philadelphia Eagles and the WFT hot on their heels in a bid to dethrone the NFC East Division Champions and the Giants will have a new general manager, head coach and likely to quarterback as the 2022 season rolls around.

There won’t be many seasons as easy as this for the Cowboys to win their division, but they can make it a whole lot easier with another great draft. The team must continue to accumulate young talents in defense and they must reconstitute the offensive line. Those are two things that don’t usually happen quickly, but have recently proven possible with the way the Kansas City Chiefs set their offensive line in the 2021 offseason and the way the Los Angeles Rams set their defense during the 2020 off-season. season.

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