US customs officials seize nearly 4,000 glass bongs

The $ 56,000 shipment arrived from China on Oct. 2 in the form of “gravity pipes,” CBP said in a statement Wednesday.

CBP import specialists “confirmed that the glass bongs violate US laws on importing drug paraphernalia,” the statement said.

The bongs were headed for an address in Los Angeles County, California.

CBP agents screen international passengers and cargo for “illicit narcotics, undeclared currency, weapons, counterfeit consumer goods, prohibited agriculture, and other illicit commodities that could potentially harm the public. America, American businesses and the security and vitality of our country, ”the statement said. .

Last month, CBP agents in Pharr, Texas seized more than $ 960,000 worth of cocaine weighing nearly 125 pounds that was hidden in a tractor-trailer from Mexico, according to CBP.

In last week’s statement, CBP seized $ 23,000 in foreign exchange from a couple on a flight to Ghana. The couple said they only had $ 10,500.

“Upon inspecting the couple’s carry-on baggage, officers discovered an envelope hidden behind the zippered liner of the purse. Officers verified the couple’s combined currency at $ 23,641. Officers seized the currency for breaching the purse. US currency reporting laws then freed the couple with $ 641 as humanitarian aid, ”the statement said.

Federal law requires travelers to declare any currency $ 10,000 or more, according to CBP.

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