US dollars allow NGOs to do more with less in Lebanon


Lebanon (MNN) – Cryptocurrency is gaining ground as the economic crisis in Lebanon deepens. Stores of all sizes have started to accept bitcoin payments more and more over the past year, Arab affairs reports.

Lebanon financial crisis creates an unexpected opportunity for Christian ministries.

“[Non-government organizations] can exchange dollars at a high rate. This allows us to do much more than before ”, explains Nuna *, Managing Director of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon.

Today, the Lebanese pound is worth less than a United States cent, the lowest US currency unit. This means that every dollar donated goes even further to help those in need.

“NGOs are funded mainly by international communities, so they are not funded inside Lebanon. This means that they can bring in “fresh” money; [in other words,] the dollar that doesn’t exist in the country, but comes from anywhere in the world, ”says Nuna.

“The value of the dollar is so high that when I use $ 1, I can make seven to eight times more than before.”

Positive exchange comes at a precious time. The needs in Lebanon are greater than ever. Send help through TM Lebanon.

(Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon)

“People need more than just words; they need physical assistance. They have to pay the rent; they have to feed their children, ”says Nuna.

During a recent aid distribution, “450 people came to receive some kind of humanitarian aid”.

Pray for believers who bring help and hope in Jesus name. Ask the Lord to protect desperate people from COVID-19 infections. “There is so much need, so much desperation,” says Nuna, explaining why some Lebanese are gathering in the streets to protest.

“People say, ‘We’re going to the streets. I don’t care if I die of COVID. I just don’t want to starve. ”

* The name has changed for security reasons.

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